Our Programs

Business Administration

Business Administration




Duration of Study:
• Four years

Credit Hours:

• 122 hours
• All courses are conducted in English


• English Department
• Arabic Department
Northern Kentucky University Program


The faculty grants students a bachelor’s degree in the following fields:

• Business Administration
• Accounting
• Marketing and E-Commerce
• Banking and Capital Markets Management


Why Join Business Administration?

The faculty of Business Administration at NUB occupies a prominent position as an academic center specializing in the following fields:
• Marketing
• Business Administration
• Administrative Information Systems
• Banking Management
• Money Market Studies

Our goal is to compete in the labor market by providing distinguished educational opportunities that meet national standards training and consulting services that meet the needs of society.

A cooperation protocol has been signed with the Egyptian Banking Institute for the Qualification of NUB Students and Graduates with the skills required for the labor market through the “Training for Employment Program”.

Where the student obtains a certificate accredited by the Egyptian Banking Institute and signed by the President of the Central Bank.
A highly recommended certificate for employment in banks and multinational companies.

An additional cooperation protocol has also been signed with the Project Development Agency (MSME) to provide financial
and non-financial support to NUB students in their graduation projects and to finance the most innovative projects.

The faculty also has an Entrepreneur and Small Business Center to train NUB students on corporate entrepreneurial thinking and business incubators.

In addition to the adoption of various university-based automation systems such as NUB portal, paperless, ELS, attendance reports, and the Egyptian university research libraries.


It’s an Egyptian faculty which seeks to occupy a prominent place among international faculties. it is distinguished in performance and responding to the needs of the society. it’s capable of recruiting the distinguished students and it’s a source of producing a brilliant graduate. it is also a lighthouse of science and research.


The college should be a scientific and research center in the management and entrepreneurship, able to compete in the labor markets by providing distinguished educational programs for women’s standards and providing training and advisory services that achieve the sustainable development of the union.


• preparing specialists in the domains of marketing and business administration, Accounting, Managerial information systems, Banks
management and money markets who are qualified theoretically and practically and can compete locally and internationally in their
field of specialization and it’s various branches.

• Conducting an innovative studies and researches in various areas of specialization.

• Providing institutions and different parties with the needed consultations , scientific assists and Applied assists
in various fields of specialization.

• Qualifying the faculty’s graduates according to the labor market’s needs in the advanced marketing domain and information
technology  through specialized diplomas.

• Paying due attention to practical training and creating job opportunities.

• Organizing specialized conferences and workshops with a view of raising the scientific and educational levels of specialized cadres.

• Holding scientific agreements with corresponding organizations and institutions at the local and international levels for exchanging
views and experiences and conducting scientific researches connected with the various faculty’s specialization domains.

• Stressing the quality of the educational process and it’s development according to the needs of the society.

• Supplying and supporting means of publication of scientific researches in all fields of specialization.

• Paying due attention to students ‘ sports, culture, social and health care.